Tork X-pro Speaker Elements


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Tork X-pro Speaker Elements

The TORK XPRO helmet speakers are the best sounding high volume, thin bodied speakers on the market. Designed specifically for in helmet use and provides hi-fi sound quality.

The X-PRO’s are full stereo speakers which plug into all popular music devices MP3, iPOD, Galaxy and iPhone. The speakers are thin and comfortable when mounted inside your helmet. Just press them into your helmet’s ear pockets using the provided 3M adhesive. Take them for a ride, you won’t be disappointed!

These are bare X-Pro Helmet Speakers without wires or extension cords designed to be soldered to upgrade factory systems or aftermarket bluetooth intercoms.

Great for Motorcycle Riders, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowmobile Riders!!


  • Frequency range 20-22,000 hz at 106db/1KHz
  • Speaker Dimensions: 2.25″ Diameter x .38″ Thick
  • Stereo Sound
  • Max 500mW
  • Signal Power 32ohm
  • 1 year warranty


Helmet Speaker Installation:

If your speakers aren’t properly mounted in your helmet, you will most likely be disappointed with your new Tork Speakers. Before you install a set of helmet speakers, plug them into your audio player, turn up the volume, and hold the speakers to your ears. If the helmet speakers aren’t as loud while mounted in the helmet, then they are not in the best possible position.

Your speakers must be lined up properly and need to be touching or nearly touching your ears while mounted in your helmet. If your speakers are even 1/2 inch off in any direction, the volume will be greatly reduced. If you have recessed ear pockets, you may need to place something behind the speakers (like a small piece of packing foam) to get them closer to your ears.

If your speakers are mounted properly in the helmet (just as loud in the helmet as they are when holding them to your ears outside of the helmet), and the volume is not enough, then either another audio player with more power or a headphone amplifier may be needed. You need at least 5-10 mW of power per speaker. Most name brand players provide this amount of power.


How to install Tork X-Pro Elements

The Tork X-Pro speakers are a great upgrade to many existing motorcycle intercom systems on the market. The Xpro’s are louder, have more bass and sometimes even thinner than stock speakers on various intercom systems such as the Scala Rider, SENA, Autocom and many others. Replacing stock speakers of intercoms is simple and easy. Below is a description using the SENA SMH10 bluetooth intercom.

Approx time: 15 minutes

Tools: Solder iron, pliers


Step 1 – Desolder the Sena Speakers from the wires to reveal the solder points. Remove the outside plastic housing of the existing Sena speakers. Holding the outside plastic housing from moving, push from the front of the speaker back through the housing to separate it. The plastic housing is glued to the speaker, it will separate with some pressure. This will reveal the two wires and soldering points for the speakers. The points may be covered by the black glue/silicone, scratch it off with a flat screw driver.



Step 2 – Using your soldering iron, heat up the solder to separate the wires from the stock Sena speaker.


Step 3 – In order to remove the plastic housing ring, you’ll need to remove the gold clasp on the wire using the pliers. 

xpro-sena-5 xpro-sena-6

Step 4 – Strip an extra 1/2 inch of plastic sheathing off the wire. With the X-Pro speakers facing down on the table, remove the red plastic cover by prying up. This will reveal the solder points of the speakers. Solder the wires on to the Tork X-Pro speakers, red (+) on the left, (-) on the right.

xpro-sena-7 xpro-sena-8 xpro-sena-9

Loop the wires into the holding point and press the cover back on.


Repeat for 2nd speaker.




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