Tork MAXX Helmet Speakers With Integrated Headphone Amplifier

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Tork MAXX Helmet Speakers With Integrated Headphone Amplifier

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Tork MAXX Helmet Speakers With Integrated Headphone Amplifier

The Tork MAXX is a combination set of helmet speakers with an integrated headphone amplifier. The primary problem with helmet speakers is volume, which is mostly an issue with the users device.  Most devices are designed to drive audio through earbuds thereby incapable of powering helmet speakers to their full potential.  We have designed the Tork Maxx to solve this problem by integrating a small inline amplifier that supplies an immense amount of volume and sound with zero distortion.

Features:   Built-in, inline amplifier with volume control buttons Lithium rechargeable battery (8 hour battery life) 1 hour charging time USB charging cable.

Kit includes:

Dual Stereo helmet speakers 3.5mm connector (iPhone, ipod, Samsung, sony and most audio devices) in line amplifier USB charging cable

Great for Motorcycle Riders, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowmobile Riders!!


Helmet Speaker Installation:

If your speakers aren’t properly mounted in your helmet, you will most likely be disappointed with your new Tork Speakers. Before you install a set of helmet speakers, plug them into your audio player, turn up the volume, and hold the speakers to your ears. If the helmet speakers aren’t as loud while mounted in the helmet, then they are not in the best possible position.

Your speakers must be lined up properly and need to be touching or nearly touching your ears while mounted in your helmet. If your speakers are even 1/2 inch off in any direction, the volume will be greatly reduced. If you have recessed ear pockets, you may need to place something behind the speakers (like a small piece of packing foam) to get them closer to your ears.

If your speakers are mounted properly in the helmet (just as loud in the helmet as they are when holding them to your ears outside of the helmet) and the volume is not enough, then either another audio player with more power or a headphone amplifier may be needed. You need at least 5-10 mW of power per speaker. Most name brand players provide this amount of power.



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