Fusion LED Systems

Our Fusion LED Systems are,

Latest technology Epistar LED strips offering the brightest lights on the market.
We constantly research and test LEDS to determine brightness, flexibility and durability.

The construction of our LEDS is closely monitored, tested, and trial proven. Everything from our LED pod strips to the silicone covering is designed for maximum clarity and most importantly durability. Many style changes and components have been presented to us but if it isn’t practical for daily usage we are not interested.

Competitors will buy their LEDS by the roll (which they never test, or have any design input by them)
and market them as “Their LEDS”. Fusion LED Systems designs, logo brands, and quality controls their strips specifically for our system.

Our LED strips use the highest grade 3M adhesive to mount anywhere you choose. It is a simple peel and stick application that is a far superior than competitors tape. We have LEDS running on our bikes that were mounted 10 years ago. Still sticking and running strong.

Don’t be fooled by claims of a brighter LED because of what coating they use to cover the lights. We have done our homework. We know what design will last and be the brightest.

We are so confident in our Fusion LED Systems we back our LEDS with a Lifetime Warranty. Our CPU controller has a one year warranty.

Fusion LED Systems have 3 zones to operate your LEDS, 21 colors to choose from, and 14 modes to set your LEDS to. We have 3 music modes to run your Fusion System to. Our prior version had more music modes but feedback from customers suggested we simplify these options to make the system more user friendly. There is nothing out there that can beat a Fusion System for modes or operation, we are the leader offering 3000 milliamps tolerance per zone. This means we have the ability to light anything from motorcycles to party buses with our systems. This is how we designed our system to be able to function.

Claims of systems being American Made are mostly not true and in fact illegal to advertise if not completely true. We import our parts to make our systems but they are assembled in the USA and we provide jobs for many selling and installing our products here in the USA. Some companies will cash in on the where it’s from card or who made it. Do your research, our company has always been here doing this we just didn’t advertise it to get a sale. We would rather you buy our product for the quality we put into it and how we stand behind it.

Fusion LED Systems LED Accent Lighting

Fusion LED Lighting Systems